Many, many thanks for your time yesterday. Hope you got back home safely. The session was really well received with great feedback from students. We really appreciate you taking the time to do this and I know it will be very valuable to the students who attended.
Thanks for delivering the workshop, I’m glad you enjoyed it. […] I hear it all went very well.
Thank you again for delivering such an informative, interesting and thought-provoking session. It has given the students a great head start for their trip reflections and was appreciated by all.
very interesting and relevant to many situations that I’ve personally been in. Especially de-escalating situations through language
no negative!
very informative and engaging sessions, made relevant to the context in which we work. Not too much theory and more practical/experience related discussion
makes me wish I’d studied linguistics instead
I really liked the level of interaction this class provided. It displayed elements of real life circumstance, what to look out for, and how to help maintain interactions in the future. I liked how advanced the knowledge Ollie has and willingness to share real life experience
really interesting and insightful. Appreciated all the real world examples. Great learning all the different ways of communication and how emotions can manifest themselves in gestures/sounds
really interesting content. Especially relating this to your own experiences within a clinical setting. Useful to know how I would manage/deal with the situation myself
really interesting and captivating. Learned a lot throughout the sessions. The interest for the topic was evident and came through
I found the sessions extremely helpful. They were very intriguing, covering essential topics. What was particularly beneficial was in-class activities and analysis of videos. I appreciate how it covered the theoretical and practical aspects. Overall, it left me very curious to know more about it
engaging, interesting, good to hear professional experiences, videos useful
really really interesting and provided a whole new outlook on communication as well as being useful in real life
Our Education Department had a great time learning about Dyslexia and the impact it can have on Communication Skills. We can’t wait to apply it when our students return! Thanks @C0gn8_PGR #YMCAeducation
— YMCA Manchester, via Twitter
Yet another fantastic day of training learning about ‘Violence and Aggression’ with @C0gn8_PGR #AlwaysLearning #ReadyForAnything #BackToSchool
— YMCA Manchester, via Twitter