Hourly: £30

Daily: £300



  • competencies (hourly or daily)
  • humanities (hourly)
  • social sciences (hourly)
  • research methods and statistical analysis* (hourly)
* SPSS as standard. For R, SAS, or Strata, see 'charges'.


  • proofreading* (hourly)
  • copy-editing**  (hourly)
  • line editing** (hourly)
  • development editing** (hourly)
  • project management*** (daily)
* BSI (BS 5261) readers' marks (i.e. stamps or pen), on PDF, as standard. For alternatives, see 'charges'.
** MS Office 'tracked changes', on PDF, as standard. For alternatives, see 'charges'.
*** Minimum term: three days.

  • orthographic* (hourly)
  • FACS (hourly)
  • BAP (hourly)
  • Jefferson* (hourly)
  • Du Bois* (hourly)
  • phonemic** (hourly)
  • phonetic** (daily)
* Psychological, neurological, general medical, and psychiatric terminology: exempt from charges.
** BrE (RP) or AmE (GA) as standard. For alternatives and/or extensions (e.g. continuous speech), see 'charges'.



  • language pathology (hourly* or daily**)
  • non-verbal (hourly* or daily**)
  • interpersonal (hourly* or daily**)
  • instructional (daily**)
  • research (hourly* or daily**)
* Private or SME.
** Corporate.


  • cancellation* (50% of invoice)
  • urgency** (150% of invoice)
  • complexity*** (200% of invoice)
* Where notice is given within twenty-four hours of delivery.
** Where delivery is to occur within forty-eight hours of enquiry and/or demands overtime.
*** Where transcription audio/video is of poor quality, features multiple parties—e.g. contains 'cross-talk', interruptions, and/or overlaps—and/or involves specialist terminology; projects are of a bespoke, specialist, and/or technical nature; and/or typed matter requires repeated fact, citation, and/or clarification checks.