Updated 14 October 2018

Oliver Delgaram-Nejad Psycholinguistic Consultancy (ODNPC) is committed to the standards of the Health and Safety at Work Act, 1974.

This document outlines the basis upon which all activities subject to risk assessment will be conducted. Your tacit consent has been assumed, consequent to your visitation of https://www.olinejad.com and/or the confirmation or negotiation of an(y) active (sub)contractual agreement(s). You are not bound by this assumption; and you may withdraw your consent, at any time and without giving reason; by (1) informing the nominated representative (Oliver Delgaram-Nejad) via e-mail and/or telephone, (2) withholding the provision of person-identifiable and/or personal information, (3) concluding any active (sub)contractual agreement(s) and/or working relationship(s), and/or (4) denying cookie-authorisation requests and/or clearing your web browser’s cache.


In line with the Health and Safety at Work Act, 1974, your (organisational) setting will be risk-assessed, for both suitability and compliance:

  • to establish the presence/absence of appropriate equipment, systems, and/or procedures; storage, handling, and/or transportation; information, training, and/or supervision; and nominated safety representatives; e.g.

    • as a component of enquiries and/or bookings processes (i.e. information entered into forms and/or provided throughout the course of e-mail, telephone, and/or other correspondence);

    • as a function of your visitation to https://www.olinejad.com (i.e. information gathered by ‘functional cookies’: those that are necessary to the website’s functionality);

    • as provided by other sources (i.e. information shared by third-parties with whom a working relationship and/or active (sub)contract has been established);

  • to comply with any legislative and/or regulatory duties in protection of the rights, property, and/or safety of ODNPC and/or its clients, affiliates, and/or members of the general public.