BA, MA | Psycholinguist

Humanities and Social Sciences Tuition; Academic and Editorial Consultancy



Academic supervision refers to the myriad supportive strategies employed by supervisors to improve a student's educational experience (and, by consequence, their attainment). Activities include critical appraisals of written work and pastoral discussions.

  • Academic competencies: assignment writing, public speaking, and presentation design;
  • Editorial services: proofreading, copy-editing, and line editing; essay, dissertation, and thesis appraisal;
  • Social sciences tuition: linguistics, psychology, sociology, anthropology, etc.;
  • Research methods tuition: study design, best practice, and statistical analysis (SPSS);
  • Humanities tuition: literary criticism; philosophy; media, film, and cultural studies; critical thinking; etc.



Consultancy refers to the provision of advice from an experienced perspective. Given the breadth, scope, and importance of interpersonal communications research, applications range from health care to relationships and span both the public and the private sectors.

  • Speech and language pathology (fluency disorders: formal thought disorder, aphasia, and dysphasia);
  • Interpersonal communications (workplace; intercultural; clinical: negotiation, bargaining, persuasion, and influence);
  • Non-verbal communications (paralanguage, [EM]FACS coding, and BAP coding);
  • Instructional design (workforce training, e-Learning, and continual professional development).